Elsa Jungman, Ph.D. | Skincare expert

Meet our co-founder Elsa, French native, skincare expert and avid yoga practitioner.

After graduating from her Ph.D. in dermatology and working for world cosmetic leaders, she moved to San Francisco in 2015 and has since been working with local startups. 

This experience transformed her vision of beauty and she became an adept of slow beauty and natural products.

This led to the creation of Atelier Namasté as the yoga philosophy fits this new routine of cutting down our products, being respectful of the environment and taking care of ourselves.


Karin Karlsson | Certified Yoga Teacher

Meet our co-founder Karin, Swedish native, yoga teacher and skin care enthusiast. 

Karin moved to San Francisco in 2016 to pursue her dream of teaching yoga. She is now offering weekly vinyasa style yoga classes around the city.

Karin is passionate about helping her students connect to their own emotional, mental and physical strength, while always emphasizing the importance of cultivating loving-kindness towards themselves and others. 

By founding Atelier Namasté, Karin is hoping to share the practice of yoga for health and natural beauty. She cannot wait to meet you.